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Circuit of Remembrance : The Artois

In September 1914, after the battle of the Marne, the front line moved to the North, crossing "The Oise", "the Somme" and "The Pas de Calais" : it was the "race towards the sea".
In October 1914, this front line became stable. Then tough battles took place : the destruction of Arras, the battle of Lorette…
This battles were to last for the whole winter 1914-1915 between Lens and Arras. They continued until March 1916 when the British troops relieved the French.
On April 9th 1917, the Canadian troops took possession of the Vimy Ridge.

Memorial de Vimy
Vimy Memorial

Circuit of Remembrance : The Somme

On July 1st 1916, the most famous battle in history took place on the front line in the east of the region of the Somme.
The French line stretched to the south of the region and the British line to the north. That battle is characterized by the diversity of the nationalities of the combatants, by the number of soldiers who were killed or wounded, or who disappeared on both sides of the front line, and also by the remains : trenches, mine-craters, destroyed villages and countryside.
The circuit of remembrance will lead you between the two towns which symbolise the Great War : Albert and Peronne, past the main battlefields of the Somme.
It will help you to understand what a painful period of International History it was.
Memorial de Thiepval
Thiepval Memorial

Places of interest

  • Doullens : room of the Unified Command
  • Arras : historical town
  • Amiens and its cathedral (classified by the UNESCO)
  • the "hortillonnages" (gardens on the water)
  • Valloires gardens and the Abbey
  • Saint Riquier abbey and the Festival
  • the underground city of Naours
  • the numerous parks and gardens
  • the gastronomy of Picardy and the local food
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